Monday, November 24, 2008

Life Images

Two masked stand-ins half clad in black while photographed against black backdrop will appear invisible from the waist up for sight gag created by comic Ernie Kovacs for a guest appearnace on Perry Como's TV show.

From the Life Magazine Photo Archives. More Kovacs here.

Research scientist Dr. Reese T. Jones (R), adjusting electodes monitoring a volunteer's brain response to sound during experiment at Langley-Porter Institute using controlled dosage of marijuana.

Cambridge housewife Barbara Dunlap, under the effect of LSD-25, during an experiment conducted by Intl. Fed. for Internal Freedom.

Life Goes To A County Fair
Semi-nude "Gypsy" dancer performing the "hootchie kootch" in front of band on stage during "Chez Paree" show in carnival at the Greenbrier Valley Fair. (Lots of great carnie pictures.)

Silhouette at twilight of gigantic sculptured rendition of a Russian robot w. hand raised in a salute next to unident. bldg.


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