Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obviously, this was a pretty great campaign for the art of word-slingin'. Obama lead the league, of course, with a veritable shitload of great speeches. Hillary tore the roof off the Democratic convention. McCain was pretty great on three occasions: his acceptance speech at the convention, that national service conference, and his concession speech last night. I really wish that guy had shown up more often. But for my money, this was the best moment in oratory, and it wasn't even a campaign speech:

Worst? Well, you can't beat Sarah, but the one that really had me screaming at the TV was Guilliani at the convention claiming that "on the most important decision of our time, the surge, John McCain was right and Barack Obama was wrong." It was an idiotic thing to say, because of course the first thing anyone hearing that thinks is "no, the surge wasn't the most important decision of our time, it was the decision to go into Iraq in the fucking first place was, and Obama got it right, and McCain got it wrong, you stupid motherfucker!" Or is that just me?

But I also got to give a shout out to Huckabee's WTF? school desk story. Has anyone really died defending our freedoms since WWII? No offense to the veterans of Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, we all appreciate their sacrifice, but they're not ensuring we have the right


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