Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facebook: The Death of the Internet

People like to talk about the Internet like it's this lawless frontier where there are no rules, but it's not really true. There is one very important rule which, until recently, everyone followed: don't be boring. Be entertaining. It's just common courtesy: if you write something on the Internet, you should at least try to make it interesting. And now Facebook is destroying that covenant.

I like the idea of Facebook, being able to keep up with all these people I apparently went to either high school or college with, but when you read through those status updates, and you have to read shit like "Abner Fucklefou is peeling potatoes" or "Nancy Mitcherdorf is going to bed," you just want to track these people down and demand your time back. Look, I lead a pretty boring life. My average night is cooking Hamburger Helper and watching TV. But I have the common decency to pretend that I'm interesting on the Internet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chest Rockwell is LOLing.

12/29/2008 5:38 AM  

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