Monday, January 19, 2009

Songs I Used To Think Were Awesome, Part 4

Krokus were from Sweden (or was it Switzerland? I'm gonna say Sweden, because it's a little funnier), and as you can hear from this recording, they were the most shameless rip-off of AC/DC ever heard. This song cracks me up, though, because it's pretty much what you'd expect of a band who learned English by listening to AC/DC records. I'm sure they thought "Long Stick Goes Boom" was the sort of double entendre that Bon Scott was so good at, but to a native English speaker, it comes off as a really clumsy phrase. This album also contained a song called "Bad Boys' Rag Dolls". To be fair, on their next album they got a slightly more distinctive sound. I mean, they were still ripping off AC/DC, but they didn't sound like an exact clone.


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