Friday, January 23, 2009

Songs of the Season, Part 1

I know some people who like cold weather, and maybe it's different for them. For me, this is the worst time of year. During the first half of winter (I guess that would actually be fall), you have the structure of the holidays driving you on, Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to the New Year. But after the first week of January, you are left with nothing but the long slog, cold weather and uneventful calendars as far as you can see. I look out the window at the uniformly grey sky, and it seems an outward expression of my headspace. It's not really depression or sadness, but a sort of numb flatline colored in grey melancholy. It's difficult to move. You just want to sit on your couch and watch the hands proceed on their slow, lonely journey around the clock. Four long months til summer.


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