Monday, March 02, 2009

Songs of the Season, Part 3

Weather was nice and warm this weekend, even a little hot on Sunday, and I was considering a post about Spring songs, but it seemed a little too early for that. Bobbie's dad emailed some photos of his house all covered with snow, and I became envious. I do wish I was back in Georgia, enjoying the most substantial snow they've had in years. But I also know that the thrill of snow quickly gives way to the irritation of ice and slush and piercing cold. This Replacements classic really captures both ends of it--the lyrics tell a story of frustration and frostbite waiting outside in the middle of winter, but the chiming chords and Paul Westerberg's delivery also manage to open your heart in the same way that the beauty of wintertime can. There were a few performances of this song from Westerberg's early 00's acoustic tours. I actually like this incomplete version, surrounded by a small crowd who all sing the song in harmony with him.


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