Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spittin' Wicked Randomness, Vol. XXXIV

Farewell to the great kung fu master. No matter how often I watch that scene, I never get used to how charismatic the guy is. And farewell, also, to the queen of Chicago blues, KoKo Taylor.

Amazing upcoming programs at the Silent Movie Theater: Wednesday, June 10, Michael Winslow, the "funny noises" guy from the Police Academy series, "will be providing a live music-and-effects track to a varied sampling of classic and not-so-classic shorts from the silent era. Not so silent anymore!" Sunday, June 14, a Mitch Hedberg tribute night! "The Cinefamily, with generous assistance from Mitch's widow and fellow comedian Lynn Shawcroft, has gone through her voluminous archives to unearth rare footage of live performances, TV appearance, and his unreleased MTV reality pilot ("The Mitch Hedberg Project"). The night will climax with a screening of Mitch's lone directorial effort, the autobiographical 1999 feature film Los Enchiladas." And every Friday night this month, comics like Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, and Tim & Eric are presenting some of their favorite films (already missed Sarah Silverman presenting Where's Poppa? last Friday).

Some good music finds this week: Music-Snob put up the only (as far as I know) other recording of Hillbilly Frankenstein after their LP Hypnotica, which I posted last year (it's still there, if you want it). Detailed Twang has a two-part post of really great fuzz-drenched psychedelic garage rock. Last Days has DEVO-ish, punk-ish, rockabilly-ish c. 1980 music from The Nu-Beams. And Funky 16 Corners has a killer two-sided single from Baby Huey.

And a really enjoyable defense of political correctness from Ta-Nahesi Coates.


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