Sunday, July 12, 2009


TiVo'd a couple wacky beach party movies off TCM last week. No Frankie and Annette--these are the even cheesier poverty row rip-offs. The one I was looking forward to watching was It's A Bikini World, which is playing at the Egyptian later this month, when I'm going to be out of town (I'm missing so many good shows! Bikini World is double featured with Angel Angel Down We Go, which has been on my list for years, and there's a Godzilla double feature at the Egyptian and a night of beatnik cartoons at the Silent, all while I'm in Georgia!). But that one turned out to be a dud, despite some good musical performances. It's real saving grace was Sid Haig, in one of the funniest roles of his career as a beatnik capitalist.

But For Those Who Think Young, which I TiVo'd in a "oh, what the hell" state of mind, is actually pretty cool. Didn't watch it closely, so I'm not sure about the plot (there's a beach bum romance, with Bob Denver as the wacky sidekick, and then there's another plot that seems to be a vehicle for this nightclub comedian, and I'm not sure how the two stories connected), but it looked good, and there was this great musical number:


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