Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Queer Police!

Billy Devroe and the Devilaires - Queer Police

Queer Police would be such a great name for a punk song, or a punk band, but that's not what this is, obviously. From the liner notes:

Above are some fo the Night Club Routines of Billy Devroe and the Devilaires and are presented here just as they are done in the Clubs worked, coast to coast, by this jolly trio. If you need a good laugh, set the needle down anywhere on this album and you're sure to find a cure for what ails you. Gay, naughty songs to make you forget your troubles. And, a bit of verse thrown in.

I imagine a bunch of guys listening to this record at the Elks Lodge. Probably with a closeted gay man among them, whom nobody recognizes as such because he's not prancing around in a silk scarf lisping "Oh, you horrid, horrid man!"


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