Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enthusiasm Gap? Yeah, I'm Feelin' It!

This seems to be the cycle: we elect Democrats. They are really fucking lame. We are constantly annoyed at them, but we keep voting for them because the Republicans are so much worse. Finally, we get sick of it, and stop showing up to vote (or vote for Ralph Nader!). Republicans get in, and they're SO MUCH WORSE THAN WE EVER IMAGINED. We spend a decade sputtering and steaming about how fucking awful they are. Finally, we elect Democrats again. Repeat.

Look, I didn't expect Obama to be any kind of saviour. I expected to be infuriated by him. And most of the stuff, I can't really even blame him for. The confusing mess of a health care bill we got was probably the best health care bill congress could have passed. The votes probably weren't there for any kind of decent energy bill. There's probably no politically viable way he could have gotten us out of Afghanistan, or gotten those last 5,000 troops out of Iraq. And as much as the bailouts infuriate me, I kind of like not living through the Grapes of Wrath. But then there are the other things, things that would have cost him nothing. Like the raids of medical marijuana dispenseries in California that have not stopped, and Eric Holder's promise to keep enforcing federal pot laws in California if Prop 19 passes. Like the Justice Department going to court to defend the Defense of Marriage Act or to stop the overturning of Don't Ask Don't Tell (putting the administration to the social right of the Log Cabin Republicans!). Like failing to make any real progress on ending DADT, despite campaign promises to do so, and despite a 75% majority of Americans favoring it! And like failing to pass any kind of financial regulation to go with those bailouts. I don't understand what is being gained from these positions, or what there is to lose from doing the obviously right thing on these issues.

And the worst part of it is, the rest of the party is MUCH, MUCH WORSE than Obama. I mean, look at the ads this idiot is running against Rand Paul:

Think about this: a guy who is NAMED AFTER AYN RAND is NOT the most annoying person in this race! What the fuck?

The one advantage we have right now is that Republicans are doing a really good job reminding everyone how much worse they are. Bill Maher said it best a few weeks ago: "The Democrats' symbol is (D), because it's just barely passing. And the Republicans' symbol is (R), because that's the sound a pirate makes before he robs you and feeds you to the sharks." How horrible does a candidate have to be to make you root for Harry Reid? THIS FUCKING HORRIBLE:


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