Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

I had a great costume idea. I was gonna be Roger Ebert, with a prosthetic jaw hanging down. Truth is, I'm just too lazy to do anything that complicated. The last three years I had really half-ass costumes, and this year I didn't even do that much. And you know what? I had a better time without having some annoying costume to fuck with. So, new rule: dressing up is optional after you hit 40. As a compromise, I'm still willing to say that any 40+ers who do dress up are cooler than me.

But I did carve some nice pumpkins. Here's the jack o'lantern:

We even baked the seeds from this one. Here it is by night:

Ghose pumpkin:


And here's a little rogues gallery I carved last year (can't remember if I posted it):

Horror movie round up coming soon.


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