Saturday, December 04, 2010

Eagle Rock Comedy Festival

The Eagle Rock Comedy Festival is here! Three miles of comedy in L.A.'s biggest little town. 180 comedians at 12 venues over two nights, and it's ALL FREE. Just a huge celebration of comedy, like a Comedy Prom or something. You can see the complete schedule and more information here. Wednesday night at Dave's Chillin' and Grillin', I'll be performing with the StandUp Academy Improv Troupe (we'll be opening the show), and Bobbie is headlining, so that's the one to come see. But let me just add a few words on the great places hosting the comedy.

SWORK - Great coffee! My friendly, neighborhood coffee joint.
Dave's Chillin' and Grillin' - Some of the best sandwiches I've ever had.
Corner Pizza - Honestly, I haven't eaten here, but we were in there today, and the desserts looked really good.
Brownstone Pizza - As close to the real deal NYC stuff as you can get in L.A.
Coffee Table Lounge - Great bar with an extremely strong beer selection
Columbo's - This place has great atmosphere. Very Sinatra-y, like someplace the Sopranos might hang out. They have jazz bands play there most Wednesdays.
Larkin's Joint - Adventurous, gourmet Southern cooking in a beautiful old Craftsman house.
Capri - A good, old school Italian joint. Fun little place.
All-Star Lanes - The bowling alley still has vintage signage. A few years ago, it was a dump inside, but they've renovated and it's a great space. They have bands play there sometimes.
The York - Haven't been to this brewpub, but I hear it has some good food and excellent brews.

So come hungry and ready to laugh next Wednesday and Thursday. All these places are awesome, and they'll be even better with some good comedy going on.

And Sunday night, the big wrap party at the Ice House.


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