Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Rant

Oh hi there, person who reads this blog. Long time no see. Yeah, for the last month or two this blog has basically been used for promoting other projects like the podcast (just recorded another last night!), propped up by YouTube links. Well, having concluded the bulk of the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival Thursday night, I'm pretty much coasting for the rest of the year, which means I have a little time to get out some of the posts that have been piling up inside my head. Some of them are going to be a little long. And I've got another series I'm trying to talk myself out of doing. But let's ease back into it with something short, which I meant to post about when it was actually relevant, but just couldn't find the time: proposed improvements to cigarette warning labels!

What cracks me up about this whole anti-smoking movement is that they've already won! NOBODY SMOKES ANYMORE! It's too expensive, it's not really seen as "cool" anymore, and even if you wanted to, you can't smoke anywhere! The people that still smoke despite all this? Those are some committed motherfuckers. If someone still wants to smoke in this environment, there's nothin' you're gonna be able to do to stop them. Quit wasting your time thinking about them!

I mean, those would be pretty cool if they were placed on the packages surrepticiously by guerilla artists or something, but can you call it "culture jamming" when the government does it?


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