Tuesday, January 25, 2011

90's Hit Parade #94

Sebadoah - Brand New Love

The platonic ideal of 90's indie rock? This seems like the best example of that Jesus and Mary Chain/late-80's Sonic Youth style of melody-noise juxtaposition songs. The guitars are just so damn unruly on this! And like the Jesus and Mary Chain, when the band later tried to ditch the noise and get by on the melodies, they only succeeded in demonstrating how uninteresting their songs were. Or at least that was my opinion at the time. Maybe I'd think differently now, but it's not something I want to invest the effort in figuring out. But on their early records, when they were working out their equal love for songwriting and noisemaking, they were something to behold. I wish I could find "Cecilia Chimes in Melee" on YouTube, because the dissonant chords on that one just kill me!


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