Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spittin' Wicked Randomness, Part XXXVII

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's some fun stuff from around the webiverse.

If, like me, you're lamenting the loss of Chris O'Leary's Locust St. blog, you'll be mighty happy to find the Just One More Song Tumblr. Jonathan Bogart is taking an exponential trip through the 20th century: he'll write about one song from 1901, two from 1902, and so on until he gets to 99 from 1999. Good writing, good music, plus the added fun of trying to guess how long it will be before the guy quits (I'm guessing he'll make it to the 30's).

Joe at Last Days gave me a shout out in this post, but check it out anyway cuz it's a great pair of songs and Joe's writing is always sharp.

More great Florida swamp punk from the Voodoo Idols on KBD Records!

New York Times, 1874: Happy Nigger Day! (Yes, this is real.)

The calendar dates for 1977 and 2011 match up, so you can totally use this Vampirella calendar this year!

Occult symbolism at the L.A. Library. The comments section reads like the inside of Glen Beck's brain.

Guide to Blade Runner locations in L.A.

"Charlton Heston's three post-apocalyptic movies make sense when played simultaneously
." I'm not sure if I agree with that claim, but it's still pretty cool.

Some early Patti Smith recordings I'd never heard

Another great Marxist interpretation of Ferris Beuller's Day Off

I don't know what the fuck Ebert was smoking when he called the great spaghetti western Death Rides a Horse a good bad movie, but this is a hilarious review anyway. Ebert also linked to this video from a 1990 screening of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, with cast and crew Q&A, and where you can watch the surreal British comedy The Bed Sitting Room for free.

Palestinian hip hop, Egyptian metal.

The Sundance screening of the A Tribe Called Quest documentary
. Let's get this released soon please! And while we're at it , let's get this movie made. I totally want to see it!

40 Train robbers vs. one Ghurka
. This should totally be a movie. But it would probably not be as good as Bollywood Robocop.

Great starter guide to the L.A. taco scene

How Tapatio Sauce took over

Punking the shitty Belgian phone company.

The most psychedelic images from science
, the best sentences in English.

"Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were an interracial rock n’ roll band that broke racial barriers, headed by Dr. Teeth who was born of a black mother and green father..."

The lowdown on Hannah Barbera's lost Rock Odyssey
. This is hilarious, yet still kind of awesome, in the way only something from the early 80's can be.

OK, just one political post, because I think it's just spot on like a motherfucker, even though I'm probably looking at it from the opposite side of the equation: modern American liberalism has absorbed a lot of libertarian critiques, and really doesn't resemble at all the socialist totalitarianism that right wingers imagine. "The top income tax bracket in the 1950s was north of 90 percent. Today, the debate is whether the top rate will be 35 percent or 39 percent." Via Sullivan, who adds a few good insights.

Yma Sumac on the Ernie Kovacks show:


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