Thursday, March 17, 2011

The City of Tomorrow

A couple pieces of video that I coincidentally found on the subject of urban planning. This first one is a 45 minute documentary that was shown on TCM yesterday as part of a program of film from the MOMA archives. The film is an argument for designing livable urban (or suburban) spaces, but more remarkable for its beautiful shots of 1930's New York City life (not unlike Man With a Movie Camera):

The City

The second is an animated look at the city of the future that was included in this Cartoon Brew post. I used to love stuff like this when I was a kid. Maybe I love it even more now, seeing how far it missed the mark (aside from the prediction that cities of the future would be vast, sprawling masses). We don't have self-driving cars, but the things we do have are maybe even cooler than self-driving cars. Amazing artwork on this, anyway.

Magic Highway, USA (1958)


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