Tuesday, May 17, 2011

90's Hit Parade #64

The O'Blivions - Vietnam War Blues

There were a ton of these neo-garage rock bands in the 90's (still are, probably), and most of them were pretty lame. This is one of the exceptions, some seriously deranged garage skronk of the highest caliber. First time I heard this song, my first impression was that it sounded like Pussy Galore doing the kind of straight-ahead rock n roll song that they (somewhat frustratingly) never did. Proof of the greatness of this recording is that most of the live versions on YouTube don't sound nearly as mangled as the studio recording, but the one above is a good approximation. Play it loud, muthafuckas!

Addendum: I have a vague memory of seeing these guys live in Athens, so vague that I'm not sure it actually happened. I just barely remember being out for a night on the town, and ending up at some very small club, and seeing these guys open with this song. I'm honestly not sure whether alcohol made my memory too cloudy or if I just dreamed the whole thing.


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