Tuesday, September 06, 2011

90's Hit Parade #32

Getting very near the end! I hadn't counted on the fact that doing these two entries a week was going to keep me from posting much else, but I feel like I'm close now. This should be done right around the end of the year, so in the first weeks of 2012, expect a few round up posts (favorite TV of 2011, etc.), and reviews of some of the books I've been reading (pretty much all non-fiction this year) and a few other things that I can't really get to right now. Then I'll start finishing up the Best Films of the 00's list (I'm into the top 20, so they're all films I have plenty to say about, just need time to say it). Anyway, back to the Hit Parade...

Tad - High on the Hog

In the Mudhoney chapter of This Band Could Be Your Life, there is much discussion of how Mudhoney got fucked over by the UK music press, who portrayed the band as a group of psychotic, backwoods hillbillies, then a year later ran exposes claiming that the band were not, in fact, crazed, backwoods hillbillies (which they'd never claimed to be), it was all an act! As far as I can tell, however, Mudhoney's labelmates TAD really WERE crazed, backwoods hillbillies who got their kicks ingesting copious amounts of mushrooms and Jack Daniels and rampaging through the Idaho wilderness in monster trucks. And by recording some of the rawest, most brutal RAAAAAWWK!!! music ever put to vinyl. Their 6-song Saltlick ep from 1990 is, to my ears, the best thing recorded in the whole northeastern SubPop grrrrrunge cavalcade (well, except maybe some of the late 80's Mudhoney stuff) (later Tad records suffer from the same law of diminishing returns that gets most metal bands, and they start to sound more like Helmet than, uh, a bunch of crazed backwoods hillbillies wigging out on mushrooms and Jack Daniels). "High on the Hog" stands out to me because it sounds like classic blooze rawk. You could almost hear, I dunno, Ted Nugent or Black Oak Arkansas doing this song. But it leads into the maniacally noisy "Wood Goblins," so I tacked that one up just for good measure.


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