Monday, April 16, 2012


A while back I posted a list of 25 films I was extremely excited to see in the coming year or two. I just want to take a moment to update that list.

The Man With the Iron Fist
- How could I forget that the rza is making his directorial debut this year? Rza directed and starred in this kung fu epic set in feudal China. If you talk about America becoming a post-racial society, I think the best evidence is not that we have a black president, or that a black man is the most recognizable astrophysicist in America, but that black folks are now making their own Dances With Wolves-style "going native" fantasies. Bonus: Pam Grier will play his mama!

- I enjoyed A Dangerous Method, and Cronenberg's recent noir-ish gangster films, but it looks like this year he's making a through-and-through CRONENBERG scifi/horror film. I can't wait.

Looper - A time-travel film from Rian Johnson (director of the high school noir Brick, and also the conman caper The Brothers Bloom, which I've never seen) starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. This came out of nowhere, but when I saw the trailer last week I was hooked. Destined to play on double bills with 12 Monkeys at revival houses everywhere some time in the future!


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