Friday, August 16, 2013

Psychedelicatessen Radio

Psychedelicatessen Radio is a podcast I host with my wife, Bobbie Oliver.  We usually talk with two guests, usually our friends from the comedy world.  You can find it on iTunes, or download it from this blog.  All the episodes are archived below, but if you want a good starting point, my favorite eps are the ones with Chris Schumacher & Lucy Craig, Sally Mullins & Vargus Mason, Chris Schumacher & Sally Mullins, and the two-part interview with Tom Simmons.  I also recommend Misogyny.0, a "very special episode" with just me and Bobbie talking about various issues with sexism in the comedy community.  And the very first episode, where we just riffed non-stop with John Fontaine and Kevin Barry, was pretty cool, too.

There have been three "seasons" so far.  Season One (2010):

John Fontaine and Kevin Barry
Rudy Boehmer and Deon Williams
Jake Scherzer, Javier Palenzuela and Ed Shannon
Sally Mullins and Vargus Mason
Rawle Dee and Aiko Tanaka
LuAnn Landau and Kevin Barry
Cathy Zukimoto and Diane Kawasaki
Robby Ravenwood and Tommy Natoli
Lucy Craig and Chris Schumacher
Richard Chang and Sherms

Season Two (2011)...well, we never quite got going with this season:

Sally Mullins and Chris Schumacher

Season Three (2012):

John Fontaine and MEAT Clown
John Kevari and Michael McClenahan
Misogyny.0: A Very Special Episode
Rawle Dee and Deon Williams
Rosie Tran and Mary Basmadjian
Jonathan Rowell and Joseph Larkin
Rudy Boehmer and Mark Leonard
Anne-Marie Symons and Scott Mouro
Tom Simmons (Part 1)
Tom Simmons (Part 2)
Art Harris and Jen Johnson
LIVE from the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival
Women in Comedy Panel LIVE from the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival

I swear we're going to do another season this year!  Honest!


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