Friday, January 13, 2012

From The Comments: a Brag and a Bleg

A couple quick updates from my comments section. First, something awesome. I got a comment from Milo, the lead singer of my favorite early 80's Florida punk band, Gay Cowboys in Bondage. I had posted about their discography CD, and also mentioned them when posting about a couple local punk shows I saw circa 1984, but for some reason he posted the comment in my recent post about Public Enemy. Anyway, he informed me that one of the details I had written about (in both posts) was incorrect, so I edited those posts with his correction. But the main thing is, how awesome to get a comment from Milo!

Secondly, I have a bleg. It seems there are some problems with DivShare, and that some of the items I uploaded long ago are no longer there. Specifically, the Jimmy Swaggart and Lester Maddox albums I posted are, for some reason, no longer accessible. I've gone through my external hard drive looking for the files and I can't find them. It's possible that I deleted them, thinking that I was never really going to listen to them again, and that at any rate, I could always just download them from my own DivShare account. I don't have my digitizing setup together right now, so I'm going to throw this out there in hopes of making my rare commenter Muff Diver happy and saving myself some hassle: does anyone out there have those files? If someone could get them to me, I'd be very grateful, and would put them right back up, maybe on Mediafire or something.


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