Thursday, January 03, 2013

Psychedelicatessen Radio, Episode 3.12: Women in Comedy Roundtable

Download it here (or find it on iTunes), or watch it below.

One final podcast from our 2012 season.  From the 2012 Eagle Rock Comedy Festival, a roundtable discussion moderated by Bobbie Oliver, with Kelly Carlin, Beth Lapides, Randi Siegel, Barbara Holiday, Barb North, Doreen Spicer-Dannelly, Kailey Marsh, Laura Hayden and Rosie Tran.  I posted this on YouTube, but some people told me that they'd rather have it as a podcast, so here it is.

Saving Face (Pilot Episode)

Well, here it is, at long last, my directorial debut.  This is a 30-minute sitcom starring Bobbie Oliver and Sally Mullins.  Hilarious and trashy.  Production values could be better, of course.  Keep in mind that we were literally learning how to do everything while we were filming this, down to even basic stuff like "Oh, I guess we should turn off the air conditioner and fans before we start shooting."  Anyway, if you like what you see, but would like to see some better production values for Episode 2, please donate to our Kickstarter and help us upgrade to some better equipment.